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We held a road safety program for sponsored children to aware them of the road signs and safety rules.

Sewing is an important life skill that we all should learn more or less. So, we held a sewing training program for our sponsored children.

Our sponsored children learned about thunderstorm safety rules.

We organized a diarrhea awareness program for our sponsored children.

Shapla Foundation provided Eid gifts to the sponsored children.

Our sponsored children participated in the heatstroke awareness and prevention training session with our caretaker.

Shapla Foundation team celebrated the Bengali new year 1429 with the kids in Mohakhali Sattala Slum.

Our sponsored children celebrated the Independence Day of Bangladesh.

Our Operation Manager, Ms. Nadira went for the monthly visits to Mohakhali Sattala slum, in February.

Shapla Foundation has provided around 170 heavy durable blankets to the needy people in Bangladesh.

Our sponsored children celebrated International Mother Language Day.

Fahmida visited the kids in Mohakhali area and worked with the kids to train on the basics of first aid.

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