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Shapla Foundation team visited Mirpur 12 slum. We talked to the people there and explained what we do and how our programs are run.

We went to visit the school of our sponsored children at the end of their half-yearly examination.

Our sponsored children participated in the flood safety program. They learned some basic safety rules that should be followed in case of flood.

Our sponsored children spread awareness against drug addiction in their neighborhood through posters and pamphlets.

Our team visited various locations in Mohakhali Sattala slum and collected applications from potential candidates for our sponsorship program.

We held an awareness program for our sponsored children to make them informed about the sources and the adverse impacts of the excessive release of greenhouse gases.

Our sponsored children helped to raise awareness against child marriage.

We held a road safety program for sponsored children to aware them of the road signs and safety rules.

Sewing is an important life skill that we all should learn more or less. So, we held a sewing training program for our sponsored children.

Our sponsored children learned about thunderstorm safety rules.

We organized a diarrhea awareness program for our sponsored children.

Shapla Foundation provided Eid gifts to the sponsored children.

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