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For about $1 a day, sponsor a child's education & future

Sponsor A Child
Sponsor a Child's Education

Sponsor A Child In Bangladesh

Shapla Foundation allows you to sponsor a child in Bangladesh to help pay for the child’s education, food, clothing and shelter. If taking responsibility of a child sponsorship is too much, we have smaller projects you can sponsor or co-sponsor.

Helping others is part of human nature. There are plenty of child sponsorship programs available where organizations connect sponsors with poor children around the world. However, as a sponsor you may not know how much of your donations actually reach the child you are sponsoring. Shapla Foundation solves this accountability issue with transparent donation distributing system.

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Sponsor A Child In Bangladesh
Mohakali Shattala Slum Covid Relief Program

Mohakali Shattala Slum Covid Relief Program

As the country facing a huge increase in Covid cases, Bangladesh is now in the most strict lockdown mode. People that are hit the most are the day laborers. Some day laborers living in the slums of Dhaka are being hit financially where they can't pay for basic necessities. Our goal is to help as many families as we can in the Mohakhali Sattala Bosti who are facing severe financial hardship.

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Current Programs Shapla Foundation is Working with

Sponsor a Child's Education

We at Shapla Foundation believe that behind every young child who believes in himself is an adult who believed first. All our kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.

When you sponsor a child in need, you intertwine their lives with yours for the better. More specifically, when you sponsor a child’s education you are able to give that youth the tools they need to grow themselves towards a better life. Like it’s said; - “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Children Waiting For Sponsorship
Sponsor A Child Education

Why Shapla Foundation for Child Sponsoring

We understand your willingness to donate your hard-earned money towards a cause that actually makes a difference. In a recent study by UNICEF, 40% of Bangladesh’s population is children and 600,000 of those innocent souls are not continuing their education.

A huge hurdle between a child and their education; - poverty. With our passionate and enthusiastic team in Bangladesh, we are able to target the funds provided by you directly to the families that are truly facing such hurdles. The team at Shapla Foundation works hard to provide you with regular updates of the children; - whose lives you will directly impact, whose faces you will bring smiles to, and whose futures will be brighter, thanks to you.

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Why Shapla Foundation for Child Sponsoring
How We Became a Successful Non-Profit Organization
Passionate Team icon
Passionate Team

We all at Shapla, want what you want. Our dreams are to make lives better, one child at a time, if need be.

International & Widespread Presence icon
International & Widespread Presence

We thoroughly vet our children’s backgrounds to make sure finances are going to places that need it more.

Transparency icon

Want to know where your money’s going? We’ll do one better with us you will receive regular letters and pictures from the child’s life you’re helping to improve.

Direct Impact icon
Direct Impact

Your donation isn’t money; with us it’s the gift of education to the less fortunate souls in Bangladesh.

Efficiency icon

All processes are thought out keeping in mind how we can make the most impact thought what we have.

Family icon

We foster and encourage a family environment & conversation amongst all levels of our organization; the donors, the team and the children.

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