• Sponsor a child in Bangladesh

    For less than $.50 a day, sponsor a childs education.

  • Sponsor or co-sponsor a project for

    Art class, tablet, computer lab equipment, eye surgery, plant a tree, etc

  • Completely Transparent
    Donation Tracking System

    See how your money is being spent on sponsored child or project

Sponsor a Child in Bangladesh

Shapla Foundation allows you to sponsor a child in Bangladesh to help pay for the child’s education, food, clothing and shelter. If taking responsibility of a child sponsorship is too much, we have smaller projects you can sponsor or co-sponsor.

Helping others is part of human nature. There are plenty of child sponsorship programs available where organizations connect sponsors with poor children around the world. However, as a sponsor you may not know how much of your donations actually reach the child you are sponsoring. Shapla Foundation solves this accountability issue with transparent donation distributing system.

Current Programs

We work with local schools to recruit children that need financial aid for education and basic needs. We have a very strict criteria for selecting children that are eligible for our program.

Sponsoring a child can be rewarding but it’s a big responsibility. So, sponsor or co-sponsor smaller projects that is more manageable.

Our team recently visited the Rohingya camps in Ukhia, Bangladesh and they are in desperate need of pretty much everything to survive. Learn about our recent visits and how you can help these people in need.

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