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Our sponsored children participated in our dog bite awareness program. They learned some first aid steps and raises awareness about it in their community as well.

Our sponsored children drew various figures from their science textbooks. Drawing the picture helped them comprehend those topics better through visualization. It also helped lessen their fear of science to some extent.

Our CEO attended the annual convention organized by FOBANA to raise awareness about child sponsorship in Bangladesh.

Our team went to visit the sponsored children in Mohakhali Sattala slum. They talked to the children and their parents about how the children were doing.

We hosted a workshop on typhoid awareness for our sponsored children, so that they can identify the causes and symptoms of typhoid early. It will help them to get prompt treatment and a full recovery.

Our sponsored children in Mirpur made oral rehydration salt at home so they don't have to depend on the saline from the stores.

We had an event on chess-playing for the sponsored children in Mohakhali. They had a lot of fun learning a new game.

Our Operation Manager, Ms. Nadira went for the monthly visits to Mohakhali and had conversations about our program with the people there.

Our sponsored children participated in fire safety awareness program. They spread awareness about the rules of fire safety in their neighborhood.

Our sponsored children made organic compost at home for their vegetable garden.

Shapla Foundation team celebrated Eid-ul-Adha with our sponsored children in Mohakhali.

We helped our sponsored children in Mohakhali to create a vegetable garden for themselves and taught them how to grow the seeds.

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