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Frequently Asked Questions About Sponsoring a Child

FAQ for Sponsors

Shapla Foundation works with local schools and slums in Bangladesh to recruit children in our program. The sponsor selects a child that has been on the waiting list to be sponsored. A Caretaker is assigned to each sponsored child who is responsible for spending funds on the child’s behalf. This includes tuition fees, school supply purchases, food or uniform purchases, etc. The caretaker is NEVER allowed to give CASH to the child or parents. We keep receipts of all purchases and upload them to our software for approval. A manager then approves all funds to make sure the Caretaker is following his/her duties properly. Sponsor can see all activities of funds being used for a child.
$30 per month or $360 per year
Currently, we accept payment securely through PayPal in North American and Europe. If you are in Bangladesh, we can accept payment through bKash.

Although we are a non-profit organization, we still need funds to operate like a traditional business.

  • 70% of the donation goes to child’s direct expenses.
  • 22% goes to Caretaker’s expenses (includes salary/travel expenses).
  • 8% goes to marketing & administration fees.
Each sponsorship program lasts about a year or school season. Once the program expires the sponsor has the ability to re-sponsor the child for an additional year or sponsor someone else.
We don't want to see any child's account get delinquent. As you can see, we keep 8% of donations in Shapla Foundation admin account and we can utilize this fund time to time when someone's account has missed a payment. We will contact and prompt the sponsor to make an alternate payment ASAP.
Once the program comes to a close after a year, the sponsor has the ability to re-sponsor the child for an additional year. If the sponsor decides not to re-sponsor the child, we will add the child back into awaiting list for a new sponsor.
Even though we update as frequent as we can, we promise to make at least 1 update per child every month.
Yes, you can. There's a Donate button on the top-right corner of our website. You can make a general donation of any amount you want via PayPal.
Don't worry. Feel free to contact 855-243-5714 (for BD 01894-799089). We will provide you suitable solution.
You'll receive a form each month with the update mail from our team. All you need to do is fill out the form to let us know when you'll be in Bangladesh and when you are available to meet the child. Our caretaker will arrange a meeting with the child for you.

FAQ for Sponsored Child's Eligibility

  • The child should be from the lower socioeconomic class.
  • The child should be aged below 18 years (Child's birth certificate or any other document that can certify the child’s age needs to be provided).
  • His/her family's monthly income should not be more than 10,000-12,000.
  • The child cannot be involved in any type of paid employment.
  • The child should participate in the activity programs set by the Shapla Foundation team.
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