A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change a Child's Life!

Sponsor a Child Education Program in Bangladesh

There are lots of child sponsorship programs available where as a sponsor you get nice heart shaped drawings from sponsored children and photo updates from the organization. However, ever wondered how much of your donated money is actually being used for the child you are sponsoring?

Shapla Foundation’s child sponsorship program is designed with 21st century technology in mind. Our software give you the ability to view how your funds are being used for the child you sponsor. We have layers of management and checks in place to ensure the funding collected for a child actually benefits the child. Our software logs all expenses associated with a child down to the penny to ensure proper accountability of the funds.

How is the Money Being Used?

Although, we are a non-profit organization, we still need funds to operate.

  • 70% of the donation goes to child’s expenses.
  • 22% goes to Caretaker’s expenses (includes salary/travel expenses).
  • 8% goes to marketing & administration fees.

Shapla Foundation is managed by corporate volunteers. Our biggest expense is hiring fantastic Caretakers who manage the day to day responsibilities of taking care of children’s expenses. We hire people who truly enjoy working with kids and want to help them be successful.

We select children that truly need your financial help

How is the Money Being Used

How Does Sponsorship Work?

Shapla Foundation works with local schools in Bangladesh to recruit children in our program. Some children need educational expenses and some need more in terms of food, clothing and shelter expenses addition to educational expenses.

Sponsor selects a program and Shapla Foundation will connect the sponsor with a child that has been on the waiting list to be sponsored. Each sponsorship program lasts about a year or school season. Once the program expires the sponsor has the ability to re-sponsor the child for additional year or sponsor someone else.

A Caretaker is assigned to each sponsored child who is responsible for spending funds on child’s behalf. This includes tuition fees, school supply purchases, food or uniform purchases, etc. Caretaker is NEVER allowed to give CASH to child or parents. We keep receipts of all purchases and upload them to our software for approval. A manager than approves all funds to make sure Caretaker is following his/her duties properly. Sponsor can see all activities of funds being used for a child.

How Does Sponsorship Work?
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