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Homemade Masks

Objective: To make the children able to make their own masks from the clothes they have at home. They can give other people around them to keep them safe as well.

Success criteria: They will be able to make one or two masks for themselves.

Training: During the pandemic, safety is our first priority. The caretaker will show the children how they can make the masks at home with the clothes they have at home. Then they will make their own masks to ensure they learned the techniques properly. They will need some clean clothes. They will cut those clothes according to sizes (diameter adults10-11 inches. Teens- 9 inches, children- 8 inches) and make two or three layers of them. And then they will stitch them together. They can make the ribbons with clothes instead of elastic and adjust according to their size.

Time needed: 4-5 hours.

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Homemade masks
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