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First Aid Training

First Aid Training

Objective: To teach the children basic first aid so that they can help themselves when necessary. They will be able to provide first aid to others as well if no one else is around.

Success criteria: They will be able to create a first aid box of their own and will perform well on the test taken at the end of the training.

Training: Caretaker will teach them various aspects of first aid such as how they should dress a wound and bandage it, what they should do if they sprain an ankle or wrist or if someone is drowning. The caretaker will also help the children to make a first aid kit of their own. (May need someone who is an expert on the matter.) The caretaker will take a test (can be written or MCQ or a combination) to make sure the children learned the techniques properly.

Time needed: 3-4 hours.

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