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Avoid Catching Dengue Fever

Avoid Catching Dengue Fever

Prevent Reproduction of Aedes Mosquitoes

Objective: To teach them about the possible places where Aedes mosquitoes reproduce and to teach them how to keep themselves safe from dengue fever.

Success criteria: They will be able to identify the reproduction places of Aedes mosquitoes and how to prevent them from spreading.

Required Items: Gloves, bags, brooms, mosquito repellant spray, bleaching powder.

Training: First, there will be a discussion on how dengue spreads, the breeding places of Aedes mosquitoes, the preventive measures we can take against it, and what we should do, if we have dengue.

Then our volunteers & kids will clean their area with the instructions and help of designated cleaners. After cleaning the area, they will spray mosquito repellant sprays in the dark and small places and bleaching powder in the drains.

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