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Animal Rearing

Animal Rearing

Objective: The children will learn to take care of animals and can gain financial stability as well.

Success criteria: They will be able to rear an animal on their own successfully.

Training: The caretaker will provide them with an animal (preferably turkey) that they can rear. Then the caretaker will teach them how to raise those animals and how they can get some financial gains from those so they can be financially independent eventually. Turkey is in high demand in Bangladesh and they are easy to rear and don't need much space. Food- mainly grass or leafy greens(50%) and a lot of water because the temperature of Bangladesh is quite high. Brooder box-4-5feet(for the first six weeks of their lives) with wood flakes. The box needs to be a little warm(32-38 degrees), they can use a bulb in winter.

Time needed: 4-5 hours.

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