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Farzana Akter

Farzana Akter

Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Location: Mirwarispur, Noakhali.
School: Mirwarispur girls High School.
School Location: Mirwarispur, Begumgong.
Grade: 8
Favorite Activities: Make Dress
Favorite Sports: Cricket

She has no Father. Her family has no income source. Her mother not possible continue her study. So Need a sponsor for her. please help.


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Added on: November 17th, 2013

Added on: July 10th, 2012

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Other Updates

Most of these updates are by the Care Taker assigned to this child
Farzana Akters Result is A. Her parents is very happy. Her parents very pleased our activities.
Added on: May 20th, 2014
Farzana Akter candidate S.S.C exam. Her test exam result is very gool. Her hope A+ result.
Added on: November 19th, 2013
Today I went Farzanas house. She is well.Her mother said she regular in her study.She is very very plaeased for our help.
Added on: September 6th, 2012
Today I went Farzanas house.She is well.
Added on: September 3rd, 2012
Today I went to Mirwarispu farhanas house. She is well. She is very happy in New Class and New books.
Added on: January 7th, 2012
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