A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change a Child's Life!

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Shapla Foundation is a Not-For-Profit organization. Our goal is to use the money sponsored for a child to be used on that child. We are very transparent in our reporting system displaying how the money is being used for a given child. Sure that's pretty impressive but the reality is that there are costs associated with running our program.

This general donation has many purposes. Firstly, most organizations take a portion of a child's funding to pay for operating expenses. We are going to do our best to not touch a single child's funding to pay for our operating costs. That's why your donation is hugely important for us to continue with this program. Secondly, when a child's sponsorship ends, we need to support him/her for a while, until they get another sponsorship. With the general donations, we maintain that child's expenses. Thirdly, through general donation, you can sponsor a child randomly.

Funds from this general donation will be used to pay for operating costs, marketing, fundraising, and others. Please help!

Donate $5, $10, $50 or any number you like. Small or big, we will put all donations to good use :)

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