Stand Together Against COVID-19 - at Mothbariya, Pirojpur, Barisal in Bangladesh

COVID Relief at Mothbariya, Pirojpur, Barisal

Shapla Foundation has been actively arranging funds to support the pandemic victims of multiple zones of the country, one after another. And we are immensely grateful to our supporters i.e. YOU, for being such a constant and reliable partner throughout our journey against the novel coronavirus, so far. With your support, on July 15, 16, 17 2020, we successfully distributed fund among 25 families of Mothbariya of Pirojpur district under Barisal division.

As one of the most underprivileged nations and one of the most hard-hit ones by the COVID-19, Bangladesh is facing a very hard time to get through it while making sure the economy is not hit as badly. Along with the pandemic situation, the monsoon had hit as well. Therefore, it’s twice the hardship for the poorer communities making them more dependent on the support of the privileged groups.

Shapla Foundation understands the situation completely, and therefore, wishes to be with these underprivileged group. The event organized to donate fund to the 25 families of Mothbariya, Pirojpur was yet another successful endeavor. We are looking forward to reach out to more such families in future. !

Shapla Foundation plans to execute such events in future by organizing similar events to reach out to these communities. Moreover, we are doing this independently i.e. we are not collaborating with any other organization. Therefore, we need your continuous support, to keep our continuous support, to these underprivileged communities of Bangladesh and help us all get through this pandemic situation.