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Shapla Foundation Team Event in Gazipur

There is strength in numbers and power in unity. Shapla foundation has both. During our recent team picnic at Gazipur, Dhaka our full team and volunteers got together as one to discuss the the past, present and future growth of Shapla. Even though not everyone was part of the Shapla Foundation’s Core Operations Team, everyone could connect over the fact that if need be we would always be there for the children in our program.

It was a great chance for everyone to hear from one of our founders and CEO, Evan Islam, where Shapla Foundation has grown from. Taking into consideration our growth, and the feedback from the team; we were able to also announce our goal of sponsoring 1000 children!

Children Sponsor Announcement

Around the same time; since Evan had visited Bangladesh after a while, him and some of our team members from the get together went to the Mohakhali Sattala Slum. We visited some our recently added children from there. The children appreciated the visit and had arranged a warm welcome.

CEO visited Bangladesh
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