A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change a Child's Life!
Kids in Mohakhali participated in the sewing training 2

Sewing Training Program  

At Shapla Foundation, we want our sponsored children to learn some skills that they can utilize in their lives. Sewing is a skill that comes in really handy in our daily lives. For some people, it is also a way to show creativity and express themselves. Moreover, sewing can also be an earning source for many.

No matter how we use it, sewing is an important life skill that we all should learn more or less. So, we arranged a sewing training program for our sponsored children who were interested in learning it. Our caretaker, Fahmida, showed them how to do some basic stitches. Then, they applied those stitches to embroider on a piece of cloth. They were very enthusiastic to participate in the program. They learned the basics quite fast and made a beautiful flower. 

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