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Rohingya Donation Event Update from October 21, 2017 

First of all, thanks to all the donors for making this possible. You can review all the monetary donations here.

Below are photos from our donation drive in October. 

Local Banner for Rohingya DonationLocal banner created for the donation drive

Truck with Rohingya Donation
We filled this 5 ton truck with food for the donation

Army checkpost
Army checkpost. Bangladesh army is doing a great job creating a secured environment for all groups to donate wth security.

Kudos to Bangladesh Army for stepping in and supporting all the organizations
Kudos to Bangladesh Army 

Zakaria with Army
Our fearless leader Mohammad Zakaria. This event wouldn't be possible without his devotion to this cause and working tirelessly to organize everything needed for this event. He has been going to Cox's Bazar almost every weekend to help the Rohingya people and we can't thank him enough for giving his time and energy to this cause.

Rohingya Camp
A view of the Rohingya camp in Cox's Bazar.

Closeup look at Rohingya camp
Closeup look at one of the Rohingya camps

People lining up to get donations
People getting in line to receive donations.

Getting ready for the donation drive
People are getting ready to receive donations.

You can tell it was raining like crazy leading up to the event. Rain or shine, our team was on a mission and they passed with flying colors :)

Unloading Food for Rohingya People
Unloading food bags and get them ready for distribution.

Lots of Rice Bags for Rohingya Donations
Lots of rice bags ready for distribution.

Strategy Meeting for Rohingya Donation
Strategy meeting before the rush. All the planning and hard work is about to be tested.

Shapla Foundation Volunteers
Of course, let's not forget all the volunteers that contributed to make this event a success.

So it begins
So it begins...

Rohingya Donation Receiver

Rohingya Donation Receiver 2

Rohingya Donation Receiver

Rohingya Donation Receiver 4

Rohingya Donation Receiver 5

Rohingya Donation Receiver 6

Rohingya Donation Receiver 7

Rohingya Donation Receiver 8

Rohingya Donation Receiver 9

Rohingya Donation Receiver 10

Rohingya Donation Receiver 12

Rohingya Donation Receiver 15

Rohingya Donation Receiver16

Rohingya Donation Receiver 18

Rohingya Donation Receiver 19Although, we are highlighing only a handful of photos, we have distributed food to 700 families. That's a major milestone for us since we are a small group of people and collected donations from friends, family and colleagues.

Here is a video of the food distribution part:

We still have money left over from the donations we have collected. Dan Fitzgerald, Allen Alam and Evan Islam from Central Station Marketing will be visiting Bangladesh in November and we will use the rest of the money to do one more donation drive. Since winter months are coming, we will distribute, blankets, jackets, candy and other winter related goods during our trip. 

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