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Mohakhali Shattala Slum Covid-19 Relief Update

Mohakhali Shattala Slum Covid-19 Relief

Shapla Foundation hopes to help the people of our society who are suffering the most during this pandemic. The "Mohakhali Sattala Slum Covid-19 Relief During Lockdown” project is a small endeavor towards that purpose. More than 150 beneficiaries received relief from the project.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. In order to ensure a successful effort, tokens were distributed. The tokens helped the team to ensure that all our beneficiaries received the reliefs. Our volunteers went door to door to distribute the tokens to our beneficiaries to make sure that none of them missed them.

Our team worked dedicatedly to the last minute. Shapla Foundation is not just an organization, it's a family that really cares. That is why our lovely volunteers spare no effort to ensure that all the preparations were done. They assembled the packages to be distributed. All the beneficiaries received a package each. Each package consisted of :

  • Rice - 10kg
  • Potatoes - 2kg
  • Oil - 1kg
  • Lentil (daal) - 1kg
  • Onion - 1kg
  • Salt - 1kg
  • Soap - 1 Detol Soap
  • Mask - 1
Mohakhali Shattala Slum Covid-19 Relief

After all the hard work the program had been carried out successfully. The lockdown due to covid-19 has been hard for us all but it was particularly hard for the working-class people. As for our beneficiaries, not only their income sources were closed due to lockdown but they were affected by the recent fire at their slum as well. Even a little help meant a lot to these people. All the beneficiaries received relief in a joyous environment. It was a great pleasure to see the happiness in the eyes of the beneficiaries. That is the success Shapla Foundation aims for. Our sincere thanks to the donors for their support and to the team and all the volunteers for their hard work that ensured the program’s success.

Mohakhali Shattala Slum Covid-19 Relief

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