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Kids in Mohakhali attended the program on heatstroke 2

Heatstroke Awareness and Prevention Training

Springs and Summers are usually very hot in Bangladesh. Excessive heat often causes heatstroke. In many instances, heatstrokes can be fatal, if not treated quickly and properly. We want our sponsored kids to be aware of such health hazards. They spend most of their time outside of their homes, be it for school or tuition or to help their parents with their work. They are more vulnerable to such health issues than others. So, it is necessary for our kids to identify the symptoms of heatstroke and how to handle it. This will not only help them to protect themselves, but they will also be able to help others.

Our caretaker, Fahmida, discussed the symptoms of heatstroke and how the kids can provide first aid to themselves and others as well if they are experiencing a heat stroke. Lastly, they learned some of the measures they can take to prevent having heat strokes such as drinking more water, keeping vegetables in their diet, wearing light-colored cotton dresses, and using an umbrella whenever they go outside between 12 pm and 3 pm.

We had this session with the children, who live outside Dhaka, over the phone. They made posters on heatstrokes based on this session. Then, they helped us to spread the information among others as well through their posters. 

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