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Essay-Competition in Mohakhali

Essay Writing Competition

Creativity is not a purely innate characteristic, it can be cultivated with practice and proper motivation. At Shapla Foundation, we want to nurture the creativity of our children. There are various ways of nurturing creativity, such as free-hand writing, conceptual drawing, and many more. Most of our sponsored children are more inclined to memorize any essay or paragraph about certain topics for exams. But it is really important that they get used to free-hand writing. It will not only help them academically but also help to inspire them to be creative.

We had an essay writing competition for our sponsored children. In the competition, we had divided them into three groups based on their age. Then they were given three different topics to write about. They had the full liberty to write anything they felt was relatable to that topic. Basically, they wrote how they perceived the given topic and relate that to what they learned about it. Some of them really surprised us with their articulation.

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