A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change a Child's Life!
Kids in Mohakhali received eid dresses and iftaar

Eid Gifts for the Sponsored Children Update

Giving and receiving gifts is always a pleasure. But this Eid gift was very special. We had arranged some Eid gifts for our sponsored children with the help of our sponsors and donors.


These children were included in our sponsorship program because of the financial crisis of their families. They are deprived of many things that other children get very easily. After getting the sponsorships, they are getting help with their education. Yet, their parents struggle to provide for their basic needs. They can't always afford to wear a new dress on a special day like Eid or have a nice iftar after day-long fasting. Many of our sponsored children break their fasts with only water and some fruits or puffed rice. So, we wanted to make one day special for them and give them some gifts for Eid. We had arranged an iftar for these children and bought some dresses for them to wear on Eid. For the children outside Dhaka, we sent the money to them through Bkash so that they can buy some dresses and iftar for themselves.


They were really happy to receive these gifts. We could see the happiness in their eyes and in their smiles. It was so fulfilling to see their happy faces. We cannot thank our sponsors and donors enough for their unending support.

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