A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change a Child's Life!
Children in Mohakhali participated in the vegetable garden program

Creating a Vegetable Garden for the Sponsored Children  

Having a vegetable garden of your own has a lot of benefits. It is a source of fresh vegetables without any harmful chemical pesticides. Also, working in the garden relaxes our minds. We had a program to create a vegetable garden for our sponsored children in Mohakhali. We provided them with various vegetable seeds such as tomato, pumpkin, radish, papaya, cucumber, etc., and taught them how to sow and care for these seeds.

The children were really excited about this. They recycled plastic bottles to sow the seeds. They also prepared the soil with the help of our volunteers. The responsibility for taking care of these plants has been divided among the children. Taking care of a plant from sowing to its growth will help them to be responsible.  

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