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Children in Mohakhali celebrating Independence Day 1

Celebration of the Independence Day of Bangladesh 2022

We celebrated the 52nd Independence Day of Bangladesh on 26th March with our sponsored children. It commemorates the country's declaration of independence from Pakistan in the early hours of 26 March 1971. This day is celebrated with parades, fairs, concerts, and various other events. Our sponsored children also celebrated the day in their own way. Children in Mohakhali decorated their neighborhood with flags. They made some garlands with flags and also glued some flags on the walls and doors. They gave a festive look to the whole area. One of our sponsored children, Taiyeba wrote a poem as well.

Other kids in Gazipur, Sylhet, and Jhalokathi celebrated the day in their school. Their schools had arranged events for this occasion. They attended the event and paid their respects to the martyrs of the Liberation War.

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