A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change a Child's Life!
Children gathered to get their designs drawn 2

Bengali New Year 1429 Celebration

Shapla Foundation team celebrated the Bengali new year with the kids in Mohakhali Sattala Slum. This day is usually celebrated by arranging various cultural programs and fairs. Fairs are the main attraction for the children. The rides, drawing colorful designs on faces and hands, colorful balloons, and lots of sweets and other snacks were the heart of these fairs. However, due to Covid-19, there were no such events for the past two years.

The fairs are amongst the few recreational opportunities the kids living in slums have. So, we wanted to bring some of the elements of the fairs back for these kids. We held a small event for these children. Our volunteers drew various colorful designs on their hands and faces. Even this small endeavor meant a lot to them. They enjoyed the event a lot. Their smiling faces made our day.

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