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Awareness against Child Marriage

Awareness against Child Marriage

Child marriage is a curse to our society. It not only destroys a child’s life but also hinders the development of the whole society. According to a UN report, the rate of child marriage in Bangladesh is 51%. Poverty, lack of education, lack of awareness, and economic and social status are a few of the reasons for the prevalence of this practice. We need to create social awareness against this in every walk of our society.

Our sponsored children live in an environment where girls are more frequently married off at an early age. Early marriage is the reason for many girls being victims of domestic violence, dropping out of school, and being economically weak. It hampers their physical as well as psychological well-being. Increasing social awareness is very important to stop child marriage, especially in slum areas. Our sponsored children helped spread awareness against child marriage. They made posters and walked around their neighborhood to spread awareness.

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