A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change a Child's Life!

At Shapla Foundation, We Profoundly Believe That “Prevention is Better Than Cure”

Shapla Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, social awareness to underprivileged children all over the country.

Bangladesh is shivering with dengue fever. Dengue fever mainly occurs due to the Aedes aegypti mosquito bite. However, not all mosquito bites cause this fever. This mosquito will be harmful only if it bites a person infected with dengue fever before. The mosquito will then carry the dengue fever virus. And when that mosquito bites a healthy person, the person may become infected.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

We Must Keep Our Houses Clean in Front and Behind and Clear the Pathways

To prevent the spread of this current Dengue epidemic, we must keep our houses clean in front and behind. We should not dump garbage everywhere. "Remember that life is yours and you have to come first". If we create social awareness regarding the cleaning process on a daily basis, then Govenment or NGO can overcome the current situation very easily. Let's participate!

Before the breakout of Dengue as an epidemic, we tried to ensure that our children to form the habit of cleanliness and also keep their surroundings clean. As we can see, our students are already putting their habit to practice by continuing this cleaning process to avoid any kind of disease.

Cleanness in Front and Behind
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