An Act of Humanity – Chuadanga Amphan Cyclone Relief in Bangladesh

COVID Pre Eid Food Distributions

Death of about 20 people, damage of 1100 km of roads and 200 bridges & culverts, destruction of 180500 hatcheries and 763 hectares of crops, loss of taka 150 crore worth of mangoes- are some of the countable losses that incurred during the natural disaster i.e. Cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh alone, hitting 26 districts at a time!

No one can recover the intangible losses; however, life goes on and therefore, it’s a must that the tangible losses are addressed in as best a way as possible. Shapla Foundation was one those organizations that stood with the affected families. On 19th June the foundation provided monetary support to 13 families in the district of Chuadanga, one of the hard hit regions by Amphan. Shapla Foundation’s representative Mr. Ikramul himself delivered the donation of a total of BDT 26000 (approximately $320) to each of those families.

Shapla Foundation has been diligently working to support families who have been affected financially due to COVID-19 and wishes to carry out these humanitarian activities in future with the support of the donors and associated organizations.