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Laura Anne Bahlman:

Laura BahlmanCaretaker in Bangladesh

My name is Laura Bahlman, I grew up in a town called Palmerston North in New Zealand. I spent the past 6 years studying and working in Wellington. I gained an honours degree in Fine Arts, a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults, and I am half way through a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, Ecology and Biodiversity. I have had many types of jobs during this time ranging from a breakfast chef, a bar tender, cataloguing for our national health board and a scientific research technician. 

I moved to Bangladesh 8 months ago to travel and to have the experience of amercing myself in a new culture. I have lived and worked alongside William at the Jyoti Foundation Shelter home also teaching English at the local City Council in Kushtia. I have learned a lot about the culture and religion in the past 8 months and look forward to learning more in the future. 

I am looking forward to working in Bangladesh at the Shapla Foundation to offer children in this country, specifically Noahkhali, the opportunity to extend their education and the hope to dream of becoming whatever it is the dream to become whether that be a doctor, a journalist, or a teacher. This opportunity will allow bright children the ability to dream, to be educated and to influence their families and communities as a result.

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